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Martina and her helpers have been  cleaning my home for several years now, and if it works out, I hope to  use her services for years more to come. In addition to stellar  workmanship, Martina and her group have always been reliable in meeting  her cleaning schedule, arrive on time, and are impeccably careful in  watching out for my possessions. Further, and this is very important to  me, she has earned my complete faith in her honesty -- I often leave my  house during cleaning sessions knowing when I return everything will be  just as I left it. She has my hearty recommendation!!

Jack Griffith, Redmond 



I have been using  Martina’s cleaning services for over 6 months and I have had superb  results. I feel very comfortable leaving my unit unattended as to the  safety of my belongings and to the fullness of the job requested. I  whole heartedly recommend this company.

Mike League, Seattle


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Martina's Cleaning is great! They do a  thorough job and follow through to make sure they have met all the  client's needs. Martina's Cleaning is very reliable and does everything  they can to please the customer!

Aileen Blackmore, Sammamish